Sport Citizen will benefit 400 students in Minas Gerais

The Ajudou.Org continues to expand its activities throughout Minas Gerais. Opened on October 10, Projeto Esporte Cidadão is located in two of the largest cities in the state. In Contagem, it offers free futsal lessons to 100 children and teenagers, aged between 7 and 15, who live in the Bela Vista neighborhood. In Montes Claros, 300 young people benefit from handball, judo and volleyball lessons in two locations, Escola Municipal Eunice Carneiro and Escola Municipal Vidinha Pires. All free.

To celebrate the new project, events and delivery of uniforms to students were held in each city, with the participation of representatives of the municipalities, the Associação Ajudôu.Org, which is the creator, and VLI, sponsor of the initiative. The students who will participate in the classes and their guardians were also present.

According to Juan Rachid Perez, President of the Association Ajudô, this is just the beginning of the institution’s work in Contagem and Montes Claros. “We still have a year of work. It is very important to have the confidence of a company as big as VLI in these projects. We will do our best to make the most positive impact possible on communities,” he stressed.

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