Ajudôu versus o Bullying

Palestrante fala sobre bullying em projeto social de judô
Talking and listening were very active during the Ajudôu bullying event, with several students giving their testimonies.

Projeto Ippon Social (Ippon Social Project)/Cenibra holds a lecture against acts of violence among young people and the humiliation syndrome

The Ippon Social/Cenibra Project held, this November, a lecture on Bullying in the center of Santa Bárbara-MG. Sensei Joaquim’s initiative arose from the need to inform our judokas about the subject and prevent them from going through risky situations. In these moments, the closer look of a specialist and more focused guidance are necessary for a good psychological and social development of the student.

The professional invited for a chat with our judokas was Deisiane Garcia, Commander of the Municipal Guard of Santa Bárbara. The students of Ippon Social/Cenibra are in the school age group, between 7 and 16 years old, very affected by this syndrome. A silent evil, which can be fought with a lot of information.

The lecture was a true circle of friends with Deisiane as a mediator. The commander was very clear when saying that bullying is something that goes beyond “normal” games, becoming a Humiliation Syndrome. It usually starts with constant teasing, impolite nicknames and other bad-taste “jokes” by a group towards a child or teenager. The conversation and listening were very active, with several students giving their testimonies. 

Bullying for UNESCO

According to UNESCO, “all forms of school violence and bullying violate the fundamental right to education and, similarly, unsafe learning environments reduce the quality of education for all students. No country will be able to achieve inclusive and quality education if students are exposed to violence at school. School violence and bullying can also seriously affect the health and well-being of children and adolescents, with negative consequences that persist into adulthood.”.

Cenibra sponsors Ajudôu

This event is an educational action that accompanies the social projects of the Ajudôu, that is not limited to sports to transform the lives of children and adolescents. The Ippon Social Project is sponsored by Cenibra, encouraged by the Federal Sports Incentive Law and supported by the Santa Bárbara City Hall. Classes are 100% free for all benefited students.

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