Ajudôu e Apae,

uma parceria campeã em 2019

Alunos da Apae durante aula de judô que promove a saúde e inclusão socialThis year, the classes of the ONG Ajudôu contributed directly to the development of people with disabilities in Timóteo, São José do Goiabal, Nova Era and Brumadinho

In the week in which the International Day of Persons with Disabilities is celebrated (December 3), the Ajudôu celebrates another year of achievements and great results in the service of this special group. The entity of the 3rd sector of Timóteo currently serves, in addition to the Apae (Association of Parents and Friends of the Exceptional) of its city, the institutions of Brumadinho, Nova Era and São José do Goiabal.

A Apae has always been a reference in social responsibility. It is an entity that aims to treat, prevent disability and promote the well-being and development of people with special needs. With Ajudôu, instead of the tables and desks in the rooms, kimonos and mats were used in the dojo (judo training place).

Therefore, judo classes are specially designed for Apaeans, with activities that mix basic Japanese martial art techniques and recreation to develop the physical and cognitive side simultaneously.

During the year, the athletes had a considerable advance, mainly in the motor part, which are easily noticed. Two classes are held per week at each institution. Movements such as grabbing, pushing, pulling and striking, allied to agility, strength and balance are highly demanded during training.

“The Ajudôu Project was born in 1995 within Apae de Timóteo. It can be said that this umbilical cord has always held a fondness and a partnership between the two institutions. Every opportunity we have to act in an Apae we don’t think twice. We are sure that judo contributes a lot to the development of students”, says Júlio César Lana Jaques, founder of Ajudôu.

5 basic rules for the training of Ajudôu within Apae

Ajudôu works with 5 premises within Apae, as special students really need a specially individualized class. Teachers are always attentive to the needs of each one. Below is the list of our methodology: 

  1. Learn what works for each individual;
  2. Adapt techniques to suit your needs;
  3. Work from the ground up (Prioritize katame-waza – ground techniques); 
  4. Increase the level of contact gradually;
  5. Keep the student fun and motivated.

Closing of the 2019 Cycle of Judo Training in Apaes

In Timóteo, the work is carried out in partnership with the City Hall and includes around 80 students. The 2019 classes have already ended, last week, with an emotional tribute made by the Apae for the masters of Ajudôu who work at the institution. There were many smiles, tears and a sense of duty fulfilling from both institutions.

“Ajudôu came in line with the work already carried out at Apae de Timóteo. The project has added a lot, especially in the physical development and social growth of the students. Seeing their smiles and their willingness for the next class is wonderful”, highlights Pollyanne Severino, Director of Apae de Timóteo.

In smaller cities, such as São José do Goiabal, Ajudôu’s performance becomes even more relevant. In the city, the judo class is the only specialized sport option for people with disabilities.

“This project only helps us. Our students do exercises exclusively in judo classes. Before, they had difficulty doing even rolling. Now, they already do. They have developed a lot”, comments Rosinha Severino, Director of Apae de São José do Guava

 The classes of Ajudôu at Apaes de Timóteo, Brumadinho and São José do Goiabal return next year with the school calendar.

About the Ajudôu.Org

O Ajudôu is a Non-Governmental Organization, recognized for its public utility in the municipal and state spheres. It was founded in 1995, in Timóteo-MG, and has already served more than 23 thousand children and adolescents with free judo and other sports classes. Currently, Ajudôu is present in more than 20 cities in Minas Gerais.



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