Helped donates food baskets to students during the Covid-19 pandemic

The families served had their income directly impacted by the crisis

There were 100 basic baskets donated to needy students from municipal schools in Timóteo. 

The effects of the Covid 19 crisis are already being felt by the students of Projeto Ajudôu in Timóteo. Or rather, they are felt in the stomach. Because of the suspension of classes in schools in the city, children stopped studying and eating. Many of them missed one of the main meals of the day. Without school lunch, along with the parents’ unemployment, the lack of food on the table becomes a reality. 

“In times like the ones we are living, children don’t need judo lessons. What they need is food on the table. Faced with this sad reality, we decided to carry out a campaign to help our students and their families”, highlights Júlio César Lana Jaques, founder and executive manager of Ajudôu. The Ajudôu VS Coronavirus campaign has already collected 100 basic baskets and 100 cleaning kits that were delivered last Friday in Timóteo. 

Families were covered based on the income declared in the Ajudôu registration and the field knowledge of the teachers, who know their classes very well. 17 baskets were distributed to each of the six nuclei, which work at the João Bolinha Municipal School in Cachoeira do Vale, Clarindo Carlos Miranda Municipal School in Macuco, Municipal School in the Limoeiro neighborhood, Ana Moura Municipal School in Vale Verde and Municipal School in the neighborhood New time.

Most families have a very similar profile, with a low family budget and a large number of children. This is the case of Fabiana de Sousa, a housewife. Of the 5 daughters, 4 are students of the Ajudôu Project in the Macuco neighborhood. Covid 19 directly impacted them on the economic side, as the husband who works as a bricklayer’s helper saw the demand for services disappear from one moment to the next. “This basic basket will put food on the table of my 5 daughters. Thank you very much”, thanks Fabiana. 

With a daughter in Ajudôu, Weller Márcio, an unemployed fitter, was surprised by the donation this Friday morning. “I was working and I became unemployed last week because of the crisis. This help came when I needed it most. In the midst of so much bad news, groceries from the basic basket bring relief to the impacted household budget.

The campaign continues

The first 100 baskets have already been delivered, however Ajudôu does not want to stop helping its 2200 students spread across 12 cities in Minas Gerais. Donations can be made through the ONG’s online crowdfunding link. It’s very simple, easy and fast. 

Strong partnerships for a better society

Ajudôu Vs Coronavirus has a partnership with HubSocial, an institution that trains social projects in Belo Horizonte and has become a great partner of Ajudôu, since the donation of 174 mattresses to those impacted by the rain, in January of this year, in Nova Era, Timóteo and Manhumirim. In addition to providing the online fundraising kitty platform , the institution also donated 100 basic food baskets. 

The distribution was carried out with the support of the Timóteo City Hall, which finances the project in the city and contributed to the screening of families. 

About Help

O Ajudôu is a Non-Governmental Organization, recognized for its public utility in the municipal and state spheres. It was founded in 1995, in Timóteo-MG, and has already served more than 23,000 children and adolescents with free judo and other sports classes. Currently, Ajudôu is present in more than 12 cities in Minas Gerais, serving more than 20 schools.

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