Ajudôu receives donation of 1000 food cards from JBS to fight hunger in the pandemic

Kessia and her family are among the 450 families in Timóteo benefiting from the card
donated by JBS’s Doing Good is Good Program Ajudôu

The Timóteo ONG will deliver food cards worth R$ 100.00 to families of students with lower incomes in cities in Vale do Aço and other cities in the East of Minas

Since the beginning of April, Ajudôu has carried out the Ajudôu Vs. Coronavirus campaign to collect basic food baskets for the most needy families in the project. “Ajudôu exists to help. We were sure that the school lunch would be missed at our students’ tables and we couldn’t keep our hands tied. Therefore, we are focused on mitigating this situation with the donation of groceries”, highlights Júlio César Lana Jaques, founder and Executive Director of Ajudôu.

The campaign, which had already achieved excellent results with the donation of 100 basic food baskets to Timóteo and 20 to Brumadinho, gained quite a boost when it was contemplated by JBS through its social responsibility program “Doing Good is Good – Feeding the World with Solidarity”. The company donated 1000 food cards with R$ 100.00 each for families to buy groceries for their homes in the cities where Ajudôu operates, such as Timóteo, Ipatinga, Naque, São José do Goiabal, Antônio Dias, Ipaba, Pingo D’Água and Dionysus. In addition to the cities, institutions such as Apae de Timóteo and Emília Ferreiro Community School, in the Esperança neighborhood in Ipatinga-MG and the Pataxós Indian tribe, in Carmésia, were contemplated.

Autonomy of 1000 families with food on the table

The donation of food cards helps the community at various points. By giving families purchasing power, they decide what to eat and move local commerce, already so compromised by social isolation. “Choosing what to eat and where to buy it may be commonplace for many people, but not for many. They eat what they have, when they have it. The food card moves the local commerce, giving autonomy to the person to choose what is best for the family at that moment. This action comes at the right time after 5 months of a pandemic. Helping to put food on the table of 1000 people is one of the biggest actions that Ajudôu has ever done. It has been very exciting for us”, emphasizes Júlio César.

With many beneficiaries unemployed, a situation aggravated by the coronavirus, the food card also brings some relief. At the house of Kessia Barros, a resident of the Novo Tempo neighborhood and unemployed, her children João Felipe, Lucas and Thiago, students of Projeto Ajudôu, are at home all the time, which considerably increases food costs. “With that money I will buy meat, milk and eggs. I also need some wheat to make a cupcake in the afternoon, because they always ask for it”, says Kessia Barros with an air of gratitude.

How are food cards delivered?

The students awarded the card are selected according to the information in the family budget registered in Ajudôu. The one with the lowest income is chosen. Deliveries are carried out door-to-door following all safety criteria, with as few people as possible wearing masks and constantly cleaning their hands with alcohol gel.

“Doing Good Is Good – Feeding the World with Solidarity”

The BRL 400 million that will be donated by JBS against the pandemic in Brazil is being applied to the program’s three fronts – health, social assistance and science. It is estimated that more than 76 million people will benefit from the actions, in more than 270 municipalities.

The allocation of resources considers a diagnosis made with municipal and state health systems and included interviews and data analysis. This information was evaluated by experts from the three independent committees of the JBS program in the areas of health, social and science, who, with extensive experience in their respective sectors, supported the definition of the actions and projects covered.

Learn more about the program at jbs.com.br/fazerobemfazbem.

The campaign  Ajudôu Vs Coronavirus continues

Ajudôu does not want to stop helping the community and its students spread across Minas Gerais. Since 1995, work has been carried out to help others. So, if you want to contribute in some way to those who need it and don’t know how, support the campaign. Donations can be made directly to Ajudôu by accessing social networks through the website ajudou.org. There is also the online crowdfunding of the ONG at the link https://cidadedobem.com/campanha/ajudou/. It’s very simple, easy and fast. 

About Help

Ajudôu is a Non-Governmental Organization, recognized for its public utility in the municipal and state spheres. It was founded in 1995, in Timóteo-MG, and has already served more than 23 thousand children and adolescents with free judo and other sports classes. Currently, Ajudôu is present in more than 12 cities in Minas Gerais, serving more than 20 schools.


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