We cannot forget the importance of coexistence

Ajudôu does not only promote sport. We are also a friendship ONG.

Currently, it is necessary to avoid unnecessary contacts as much as possible. In times of a pandemic, we start to think a lot about coexistence. Today, needlessly, it should be avoided, but never abandoned in the medium and long term. When the Covid-19 pandemic is over or at least softens, it will be extremely necessary for the little ones.

Paradoxically, technology can bring us together and also drive us apart. While children often stay at home playing video games, watching television and playing on their cell phones, we believe that they should have healthy activities after school hours.

The practice of sports directly contributes to a rich social life filled with valuable learning that the little ones will take for a lifetime. Relating to other people is a constant need for psychic as well as physical well-being.

Smiling at the other, the hug full of affection, the dialogue in search of consensus and knowing how to deal with the counterpoint is enriching. Group life enables growth, points out opportunities, consoles in difficult times. But coexistence is not always simple. That’s why it must be worked on constantly.

Ajudôu is much more than judo punches and rolling balls. It’s about helping. It’s about teaching how to live.

About Help

            Ajudôu is a Non-Governmental Organization, recognized for its public utility in the municipal and state spheres. It was founded in 1995, in Timóteo-MG, and has already served more than 23 thousand children and adolescents with free judo and other sports classes. Currently, Ajudôu is prepared to serve 6,000 children in 2021.

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