Campaign Ajudôu Vs. Coronavirus brings food to the table of those who are hungry

Donations in April allow the donation of 117 basic baskets to poor families in 7 neighborhoods of Timóteo

Fighting hunger has become a constant struggle for Ajudôu since the beginning of the Covid19 pandemic. Last month, the ONG reactivated the online campaign Ajudôu Vs. Coronavirus to collect food for the most needy families among its students. During April, 117 food baskets were donated in the neighborhoods Bandeirantes, Ana Moura, Novo Tempo, Jardim Vitória, Cachoeira do Vale, Bela Vista and Macuco. 

The ONG that has been offering sports classes since 1995 to children in situations of social vulnerability in several cities in Minas Gerais had its activities interrupted on March 17 of last year. Since then, the team has mobilized to help students in another way. With the support of large companies and partners, supplies, masks and gel alcohol were collected for the poorest. About 3300 basic food baskets were distributed, in 2020, in 14 cities in the state. 

“We never thought we would reactivate the campaign in 2021, but unfortunately we are at the worst moment of the pandemic when it comes to misery. That’s why we need donations to bring food to those who are hungry. We want to distribute 500 food baskets to the families of our students who are in greater difficulty”, highlights Júlio César Lana Jaques, Founder and Executive Director of Ajudôu.  

The equivalent of 117 basic baskets have already been raised. The donations turned into food on the table of families like Shayane Falgado, 22 years old, 2 children, unemployed, resident of the Bandeirantes neighborhood in Timóteo. “There was already a lack of food on the table. The basket arrived at a great time”, comments Shayane.  

Donations, which so far have come from small businesses and individuals, cannot stop this month. Make a PIX of any amount and help this fight. Those who are hungry are in a hurry. 

Pix of Ajudôu

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The campaign  Ajudôu Vs Coronavirus continues

Ajudôu does not want to stop helping the community and its students spread across Minas Gerais. Since 1995, work has been carried out to help others. So, if you want to contribute in some way to those who need it and don’t know how, support the campaign. Donations can be made directly to Ajudôu by accessing social networks through the website There is also the online crowdfunding of the ONG at the link It’s very simple, easy and fast. 

About Ajudôu

Ajudôu is a Non-Governmental Organization, recognized for its public utility in the municipal and state spheres. It was founded in 1995, in Timóteo-MG, and has already served more than 23 thousand children and adolescents with free judo and other sports classes. Currently, Ajudôu is expanding its work to more than 30 cities in 4 different states.


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