ONG from Minas Gerais arrives in the city to promote social inclusion with the support of EDP, the Federal Sports Incentive Law and municipal government

Transforming the reality of children and adolescents in Ibatiba through sport is one of the current objectives of the Minas Gerais NGO Ajudôu. With the social project Ajudôu nas Quadras scheduled to start activities in September, 100 children from Ibatiba will have free volleyball (50 places) and futsal (50 places) after school hours. 

Ibatiba is the first city served by Ajudôu in Espírito Santo. Founded in 1995, in Timóteo-MG, the NGO has already assisted more than 30 thousand children and adolescents with free judo and other sports classes in Minas Gerais. Currently, it is in more than 40 cities across 4 Brazilian states. 

“We are very happy and honored with this new partnership with the municipality of Ibatiba. Our mission is to help young people through sport and to arrive in a new city, even more outside Minas, is to have confirmation that our work is reaching and changing the lives of many people”, reports the Founder and Executive Director of Ajudôu, Júlio César Lana Jaques.

Ajudôu nas Quadras will bring a series of benefits to the municipality that go beyond sports classes. In addition to goals and tackles, students strengthen their sense of community, increase their social circle and learn about volunteering. Therefore, the development of social sports projects across the country are of paramount importance, because when young people have contact with the concepts and virtues of Ajudôu, they have the possibility to form their character and have a different future, contrary to what they would have if you were on the streets. 

Enrollments open for Ajudôu in Courts classes 

The Ajudôu nas Quadras Project is sponsored by EDP, encouraged by the Federal Sports Incentive Law and supported by the Municipality of Ibatiba.  Registration is open for 100 children and adolescents (male and female), between 7 and 17 years old, to practice volleyball or futsal classes for 1 year.

Class locations

The classes will take place at the Éden Faustino Bernardo Poliesportivo Gymnasium (R. Manoel Luiz Trindade, 314-348 – Floresta), will start in September and will be held twice a week, always in the students’ school shift, lasting 1 hour. 

“Students love the projects! And the lesson plan isdivided by stages containing the content and objective of the class, always aiming to develop the student to practice the modality in the best possible way”, explains futsal and volleyball teacher Lilian Kelle de Assis.

Full uniforms for the rolling ball

The student’s self-esteem is developed during all stages of the project. An example is the uniform kit that each one will receive, containing: uniform (shirt and shorts), sneakers and socks, considering that these make a difference and provide a better experience in sports.

“It is important to include the student in the project and provide all the necessary structure to develop the modality well. In addition, this material provided by the project (uniform, soccer shoes, new balls, etc.) brings dignity to the student, makes him feel comfortable and confident to do his best and change the course of his life. Children often do not play sports, because they do not have materials for the practice and many dreams are interrupted there. Our goal is to change the lives of these children and adolescents through sport”, says the coordinator of the Ajudôu nas Quadras Project, Gunter Campos.

Protocol for Resumption of Sports Activities at Ajudôu

To carry out the assistance, without putting children and teachers at risk, theProtocol for Resumption of Sports Activities at Ajudôu in the context of Covid-19.  

The Ajudôu manual aims to pass general health safety rules against Covid-19 according to the reality of each location, that is, sport classes will be adapted according to the Ajudôu guidelines, which can be revised.Below are some examples of guidelines: 

  • Minimum distance required during classes (1 student every 2 m²);
  • All students must start and finish activities at the same time and leave in an orderly manner, without contact and crowding; 
  • End of classes 10 minutes before to avoid crowding with the class of the next class;

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