Como a tecnologia tem transformado o esporte

How technology has transformed sport


Some changes coming with technology in relation to sport can already be noticed, these impacts have been presenting guarantees and facilities for better performance of athletes. 

In this article we will talk about how technology has helped in the development and growth of sport in the country.


What is the interference of technology in sport

Technology has become a strong ally of athletes. This is noticed, for example, in new accessories and objects that help them when doing some physical exercise.

Given this, we can also highlight how technology can help in the development and growth of sport in communities.

In the case of Ajudôu, the project offers sport as an educational complement and a tool for social inclusion, so the use of technology is made to achieve the best possible results in these areas. 

“We use software that allows us, in real time, to monitor the progress of projects, for example, new registrations, attendance, and planning of activities. In addition to this information, it helps us to conduct classes and carry out future social projects”, says Márcio Andrade, technical director of Ajudôu.

Also according to Márcio, the use of cell phones is essential for the operationalization of projects and all employees must have one. With the technology we use, we can also trace the profile of the beneficiaries, identifying, for example, the percentage of participants by gender, school (public or private), family income, among others”, he emphasizes.


Examples of technologies used in sport today

In general, we will cite some examples of technologies used in sport:

  • Video Assistant Referee or Video Referee – It helps judges to reverse wrong decisions and be more and more accurate when refereeing the game.
  • SmartWatch – Helps to identify heart beats per minute, amount of calories burned, time elapsed and daily steps.
  • Smartphone apps for physical activities – For those who can’t travel to a gym, just enter the Google Play Store from your phone, search for your favorite activity and that’s it.
  • Flexible prostheses for Paralympic athletes – Sportsmen’s prostheses made of plastic and carbon fiber. There are also prostheses with articulation, providing flexibility and allowing the competitor to perform several radical maneuvers.
  • Data control software – Monitoring of necessary data / information from athletes.

According to the technical director of Ajudôu, Márcio Andrade, sport is essential in society and like everything else in the world, it undergoes constant changes through the advancement of technology. “We can mention the emergence of uniforms that increase comfort and performance, electronic devices that help in the monitoring and control of practitioners and foods that replace nutrients more quickly”, he emphasizes. 

Even with the advancement of technology, the most important thing is that the sportsman (child or adult), whether amateur or professional, remains the main player in sports practice.

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