840 families of students benefiting from the ONG’s projects will receive aid for 6 months


During this week, Ajudôu is distributing 7 tons of food, 2100 liters of milk and about 8 thousand cleaning and personal hygiene items to part of Timóteo’s students. The deliveries, which started on Saturday, aim to offer a well-balanced diet with nutrients, vitamins and minerals in the appropriate proportions for the proper functioning of the body.


“The basic food basket came at the right time, as I am the only provider in the house, I have just had an operation and my grandson’s prescription drugs are very expensive. It will certainly make all the difference in our family’s diet”, says the housewife, Ângela Maria da Silva.


This new phase of the Ajudôu Vs. Coronavirus campaign was made possible through two promotion terms (Nº16 and Nº18/2021), signed with the Municipality of Timóteo, via public notice from the Secretary of Assistance and Social Development of Timóteo and the Municipal Council of Rights for Children and Adolescents (Secretaria de Assistência e Desenvolvimento Social de Timóteo e Conselho Municipal dos Direitos da Criança e do Adolescente) (SMADS-CDMDCA Nº001/2021) with resources from the Childhood and Adolescence Fund (FIA). The process was carried out after price quotation with three suppliers in the city.


“This action is part of the Ajudôu VS Coronavirus program and we made a point of choosing a company in Timóteo to help us in this mission of bringing food to the table and cleaning and hygiene material for the families benefited by Ajudôu. In this way, we encourage the local economy. The benefits are numerous and everyone in society benefits”, says the Founder and Executive Director of Ajudôu, Júlio César Lana Jaques.



The contract signed with Brasil Supermercados will provide 1,400 basic food baskets and 3,360 cleaning kits for families in the municipality. As a result of the aid, 350 families of students benefiting from the ONG’s sports projects will receive 4 food baskets, and 840 families will receive 4 cleaning and personal/oral hygiene kits. Both kits will be delivered during 6 months.


“It was a great pleasure to know the social work carried out by Ajudôu. Together, in this distribution of basic food baskets to needy families, we are sure and confident that we are doing good for the good. It is the union of forces for the common good”, says the managing partner Brasil Supermercados, Rubens Geraldo de Alvarenga Andrade.


Combating Food Insecurity


Due to the pandemic and unemployment that hit many Brazilians, hunger knocked at the door of families in a state of social vulnerability. With the lack of food at home, consuming a minimum of 1200 kcal a day was a difficult task. Food security, which occurs when all people have permanent physical, social and economic access to safe, nutritious food in sufficient quantity to satisfy their nutritional needs and food preferences, thus leading an active and healthy life, has become the main insecurity in the world. home.


Basket Items


Each basket has the unit value of 120 reais. Check the items:





●     Rice Type 1 5kg;


●     Crystal Sugar 5kg;


●     Carioca beans 2kg;


●     Powder coffee 1kg;


●     Sailboat Soybean Oil 900 ml;


●     Special noodles 1 kg;


●     Corn meal 1 kg;


●     Seasoning Garlic and Salt 300 g;


●     Tomato extract 340 g;


●     Hominy 1 kg;


●     Cassava flour 1 kg;


●     Maizena Biscuit 400 g;


●     Whole milk 6 liters.


Cleaning kit and personal/oral hygiene


●     Sanitary water 2 liters;


●     Detergent 2 units;


●     Bar Soap 2 units;


●     Alcohol 70% 1 liter;


●     Toilet Paper 4 rolls;


●     Disposable mask 20 units;


●     Soap powder 400 grams;


●     Soap 85 grams;


●     2 toothpastes of 70g;


●     Toothbrush.

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