Project Name: Ajudôu – Ano IV (Ajudôu – Year IV)

Modality: Judo

Process Number.: 2018.02.0014

Number Students: 240

Execution Period: 09/09/2021 to 08/2022

Objective: To offer access to the practice of the specialized sport Judo as an educational complement, to children and adolescents enrolled in the public school system, in the city of Pouso Alegre.


  • Anathalia de Lordes Camanducaia Municipal School

Address: Rua Três Corações, Nº 1450 – Jardim Nossa Senhora Guadalupe, Pouso Alegre – MG.

  • Estação cidadania

Address: Avenida Pinto Cobra – Avenida Perimetral, Nº 2015, Centro, Pouso Alegre – MG.

Sponsor: Unilever

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