Project Name: Ajudôu Timóteo II

Modality: Judo

Process No.: PMT Agreement

SLIE No.: PMT Agreement

No. Students: 600

Execution Period: 07/2021 to 06/2022

General Objective: Increase access to the practice of specialized Judo sport as an educational complement, to children and adolescents enrolled in public schools in the city of Timóteo.


  • Angelina Alves Municipal School

Address: Street São Domingos do Prata, 121 – Centro Sul, Timóteo – MG

  • Clarindo Carlos Miranda Municipal School

Address: Street Patativa, 380 – Macuco, Timóteo – MG

  • Ana Moura Municipal School

Address: Avenue Ana Moura, 5930 – Ana Moura, Timóteo – MG

  • New Time Municipal School

Address: Avenue Universal, 453 – Novo Tempo, Timóteo – MG

  • João Bolinha Municipal School

Address: Street Duque de Caxias, 63 – Cachoeira do Vale, Timóteo – MG, 35184-038

  • Joaquim Ferreira Municipal School

Address: Av. Castelo Branco, 113 – São José, Timóteo – MG, 35182-054

Sponsor: Municipality of Timóteo

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