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Project Name: Sports for All

Modalities: Judo, Karate, Futsal and Volleyball

Process No.: 71000.045124/2020-14

SLIE No.: 2000436

No. Students: 480

Execution Period: 21/07 to 22/06

General Purpose: To offer sports classes as an educational complement.


  • Mildred Madeleine Multisport Court.

Address: Street Rio Corrente, S/N, Cachoeira do Vale, Timóteo – MG
Modalities: Futsal and Volleyball

  • Liberato de Paula e Silva Community Center.

Address: Avenue Um, n°377, Alegre, Timóteo – MG
Modality: Karate

  • Amaro Lanari Olympic and Recreation Club

Address: Avenue Brasília, 2621 – Amaro Lanari, Cel. Fabrician
Modality: Judo

  • Dom José Maria Pires Municipal School.

Address: Street do Campo, S/N, Pedra Corrida, Periquito – MG
Modalities: Futsal and Volleyball

Municipal School Professor Francisca Martins Godoy

Address: Avenue das Açucenas, 2 – Serraria, Periquito – MG
Modalities: Futsal and Volleyball

Sponsor: Vale

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