Project Name: IPPON SOCIAL

Modality: Judo.

Process No: 2019.01.0034.

No. Students: 300.

Execution Period: 09/2021 to 08/22

Objective: Contribute to the development of the public served, strengthening the values of citizenship, social responsibility, logical construction of the rights and duties of children and adolescents.


Dr. Gomes Municipal School – Gentil Geraldo Court

Address: Street José Rosa Filho, Nº 46, Centro, Dionísio – MG.

ArcelorMittal Cultural Space

Address: Street Prefeito Benedito Mendes, Nº 490, District of Baixa Verde, Dionísio-MG.

Manoel Lucio de Morais Municipal School

Address: Street Dr. Mateus Vasconcelos, Nº 127, Fr Hermelindo, São José do Goiabal – MG.

Romeu Perdigão State School

Address: Street Ouro Preto, Nº 110 – 180, São José do Goiabal – MG.

Sponsors: ArcelorMittal.

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