YEAR 2019
Mediation and Conflict Resolution
No. Students: 400
Execution Period: 22/04/2019 A 13/12/2019

Objectives: To present an alternative intervention that settles conflicts and allows those involved to know an education focused on citizenship, where the rights and duties of each one must be put into practice through their actions and thus be part of an articulated set of actions for the guaranteeing the rights of children and adolescents.

Develop the five basic skills of emotional intelligence:

  • # Know yourself;
  • # Emotional self-control;
  • # Ability to emotionally read others/Empathy;
  • # Motivation / Self-motivation;
  • # Ability to interact with others.
Discover the core of the project:
Core: Centro Sul
Angelina Alves de Carvalho Municipal School
Street São Domingos do Prata, 121 – Centro Sul, Timóteo – MG, 35182-202
Teacher de judo: Alexandre Patrício Longuinho
Psychologist: George Alberto Silva de Andrade
Core: Limoeiro
Limoeiro Municipal School
Street Cedro, 21 – Limoeiro, Timóteo – MG, 35181-420
Teacher de Judo: Betania Ovidio Costa
Psychologist: George Alberto Silva de Andrade
Core: Novo Tempo
Novo Tempo Municipal School
Av. Universal, 453 – Novo Tempo, Timóteo – MG, 35183-132
Teacher de Judô: Max Frances
Psychologist: George Alberto Silva de Andrade
Core: Ana Moura
Ana Moura Municipal School
Avenue Ana Moura, 5930 – Ana Moura, Timóteo – MG, 35183-326
Teacher: Sidilaine Aparecida Candido
Psychologist: George Alberto Silva de Andrade
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