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Our work

What we do:

We are a non-profit institution that believes that judo and other sports are powerful tools in character formation and have great power to transform the lives of children and adolescents. Therefore, we developed our work to serve students from the public school system in communities in social vulnerability.

How we do:

We offer free sports classes and we are specialized in the elaboration, fundraising and management of social projects, via federal and state sports incentive laws. The use of incentivized resources is a legal, civic and safe way to guarantee the execution of projects.

For this, we have developed strategic partnerships, especially with schools, public authorities and companies. This collaborative relationship between government and the private sector is critical to the success of our organization.

Large and medium-sized national and multinational companies generate social capital through our work, strengthening ties between people in the communities where they operate.

Support Ajudôu.Org #ITCOSTSNOTHING

Companies can support Ajudôu.Org without spending anything extra through the Federal and State Sports Incentive Laws.
By supporting a social project by Ajudôu.Org, the company further reinforces its brand as a citizen company. This partnership should also be seen as a market opportunity, as social marketing is increasingly gaining relevance in the corporate world. After all, every company that wants to continue to be well regarded and accepted by customers must consider itself well seen by society as a whole, always leaving a positive mark on the world. Learn more about the Sports Incentive Laws, strengthen the company’s social marketing and exchange tax for citizenship.

“UNESCO declares judo as the most suitable sport for children and young people aged 4 to 21 as it promotes comprehensive physical education”.

Source: Brazilian Judo Commission – CBJ.

Promote the social inclusion of children and adolescents, from the public school system, through judo activities, other sports and educational support free of charge.
May the universal values of sport: discipline, cooperation, altruism, resilience, respect for diversity, integrity and honesty, transform our students into true and healthy citizens.

Ajudôu is an Association of private law, with non-economic purposes, recognized as being of municipal and state public utility.
Our three main goals are:


Increase the access of children and adolescents to sports and culture as an educational complement.


Offer activities that develop the social, physical, mental and moral aspects of these young people.


Occupy idle time in a healthy way, thus minimizing their exposure to living with marginality.
Join a community of people who make a difference.